Italian American WWII Hero: Daniele Abbate

Launched in 2020 to remember the 75th anniversary of the end of World War II, NIAF is recognizing Italian Americans who sacrificed, served and defended peace, freedom and democracy during the war through the #IAWW2Heroes initiative. 

This entry is a special submission from Diamond Abbate in honor of her late grandfather.

Born in 1933, Daniele Abbate was raised in Millstone, N.J. His parents Gaetano and Anna Abbate were Italian immigrants from Naples. 

Abbate was the youngest of seven, six of whom were boys that all served in the U.S. Military. Abbate was drafted into the National Guard during World War II and served for 14 years. Afterwards, he had a successful career with General Motors, becoming the Plant Manager in Trenton, N.J.

Abbate passed away in 2015, leaving behind four children, nine grandchildren, and six great grandchildren.

If you’d like to make a submission to NIAF’s #IAWW2Heroes initiative, email the photo and description to

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1 Response to Italian American WWII Hero: Daniele Abbate

  1. italprincapessa says:

    This is Fabulous!
    Waiting for my submission for Antonio (Tony) Francis Federico
    to be posted in the WWII Hero site.
    Thank you,
    Nancy Federico

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