Italian American WWII Hero: S/Sgt Carmen A. Catanese

To remember the 75th anniversary of the end of World War II, NIAF is recognizing Italian Americans who sacrificed, served and defended peace, freedom and democracy during the war. This entry is a special submission from Carmela Del Vecchio in honor of her cousin’s service.

Carmen A. Catanese was born in Rossiter, Penn. He was the son of Antonio Catanese, who was born in San Pier Niceto, Messina, Sicily and fought for the United States in WWI.

Carmen Catanese in Guam, December 1945

Carmen A. Catanese was in the U.S. Army and served in Guam as an airplane power plant mechanic from April 4 until December 28, 1945.

During his service in Guam he was a Crew Chief and responsible for the maintenance of the aircraft at all times. He inspected the maintenance and repair of airplanes, observed operation of airplane power plants and made adjustments as necessary for proper functioning. He made replacements and assisted in removal and installation of new engines.

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2 Responses to Italian American WWII Hero: S/Sgt Carmen A. Catanese

  1. Carmela Del Vecchio says:

    Carmen’s father, my Uncle Tony, actually fought for the USA in World War I. Two of Carmen’s brothers also served during WWII but we don’t have much information about them. Peter, the oldest was a Veteran of the US Army and Carl was a Veteran of the US Army Air Force.

  2. Laura Magnotti says:

    I am also related to Carmen and have researched the Catanese family history. According to US military records, Antonio Catanese served in the US military during WWI from June 11, 1917 to September 26, 1919.

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