Italian American Youth in the Pandemic: Olivia Sales

By Olivia Sales

NIAF’s Pensieri Blog is featuring Italian American youth that are finding ways to connect to their heritage during the pandemic. This entry was submitted by NIAF Member Olivia Sales.

I am a student at Colorado State University-Pueblo, majoring in Social Work with a minor in Italian. I have the credits needed for my minor, and I am the Vice President of CSU-P’s Italian Club. With COVID-19, and mostly online options, I am only enrolled in one class this semester, so I am focusing on saving money from my barista job. This also has given me time to improve my Italian.

Colorado State University-Pueblo’s empty campus.

The University has put a hold on extracurricular activities, so our Italian Club can’t meet. Although not enrolled in an Italian course, I attend in person, with COVID-19 safety procedures in place, to help students, as needed. The exposure to the language is good for me and I hope the students find me helpful, as well.

Olivia’s class at University Of Turin, Fall 2019, when she studied abroad.

I am also enrolled in my Italian Professor’s English course where we are reading and discussing Giovanni Boccaccio’s The Decameron. For practice and experience, all of my written assignments are done in Italian. I realize I have a light schedule, but taking a semester to truly focus and polish my Italian has been a real joy. By working more, I am saving up, as my international student friends that I met in Italy and I, are planning for a reunion once it is safe to travel. I feel blessed and I am very grateful.

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1 Response to Italian American Youth in the Pandemic: Olivia Sales

  1. Francesca says:

    This is fantastic that you are taking the opportunity to improve your Italian and make the most of this situation. I wish you the best on your studies and your reunion with friends. Please stay safe!

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