Finding Your Roots

Words cannot adequately describe the experience that our family had with Roots ’n Tours during our visit to Sicily.

We had asked Rosario and his team to help us do some research on our family prior to our trip. Through his team’s diligence and efforts, combined with some sheer luck, we were able to locate the direct descendants of my grandfather’s sister, who had stayed behind in Sicily when her three brothers immigrated to the United States.

When we met our family, they simply said, “Welcome Home.” It truly felt as if we were, indeed, home. We were treated to a parade – complete with a band – along with Italian feasts over multiple days, which were prepared by our family for us at their homes.

The most touching moment for us was being able to see our grandfather’s birth announcement, which was kept in the local records.

It was wonderful to share this experience with my brother, sister, and our spouses.
Exploring our heritage and finding this link to our past has allowed us to feel completed.

We now better understand the love of family, faith, and food that our parents and grandparents shared with us. Most importantly, we now better appreciate the chance our grandparents took by leaving the land and ones they loved to make a better life for themselves and us in the United States.

Roots ‘n Tours

Italy is, without a doubt, a land of history and culture. However, one of the main draws to Italy are the family roots and the origin of millions of people who left Italy in the past, but have maintained a solid connection to the land, its products and tales of their ancestry. That is, descendants of Italian immigrants, and the inexplicable pull they feel towards their ancestral homeland.

Rather than a simple list of tourist sights, new ways of travel are now highlighting this connection to ancestry and family, with a field of tourism based on family traditions, a way of life, and the strength of our “roots.”

In this kind of travel, the journey becomes an experience, and the experience becomes an emotion. The key elements of this travel format are the communities in the territory of the traveler’s journey, especially in the lesser-known parts of Italy, where the emigrants left from in the past.

Today, there are 80 million descendants in the world from the 30 million compatriots who left Italy in the late 1800’s until the 1970’s. This enormous population is united by their Italian origins and their desire to keep the legacies of their personal histories alive. Italy has an incredible opportunity with these descendants of Italian immigrants to solidify its role of excellence in tourism.

Roots ‘n Tours was created to connect travelers with their distant Italian families, while also expanding their knowledge of their Italian heritage and how it relates to Italian culture and history as a whole. Want to learn more? Click here and book your tour to Italy today!

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