Meet NIAF: John Della Fave

We want you to know the staff working behind-the-scenes here at the National Italian American Foundation (NIAF), so we are taking the opportunity to introduce you to one of our staff members! This week, we introduce you to John Della Fave, our Chief Financial Officer:


How long have you worked at NIAF?

I’ve been working for NIAF since this past December 2016.

Why do you like working at NIAF?

NIAF gives me the opportunity to add value to the Italian American people within the United States. This role allows me benefit the organization as a whole, and ensures that our work directly supports the stakeholders within the community.

What is your favorite Italian dish?

I’m a total sucker for a short rib bolognese pappardelle.

Can you give us a random fact/event/skill thousands can know?

I hitch-hiked from London to Barcelona in 49 hours, I’ve been to 46 countries and counting, and I won a burrito eating contest at Baja Fresh two years ago.

What is your favorite Italian tradition and why?

[Photo Credit: Vito Zarrillo via]

I appreciate being able to attend and participate in the Saint Ann’s Feast in Hoboken, New Jersey. Feast days anywhere give us all a great opportunity to come alive as a community and share the values we all love. In Hoboken, as in other places, this is when family, food, and the true local nature of the city really shines.


What is your favorite Italian piece of art/music/literature?

Machiavelli’s The Prince. Not only was this piece relevant in the time in which it was written, but still has vast implications on the modern landscape. We can easily see how leaders and influential people over time have adopted the principles described in this book.

Why is being Italian American important to you?

Our culture is a great one. Out art, music, food, drink and history permeate societies in western culture and around the world. I couldn’t be happier to be a part of this great network of people; both reflective of our past, and forward looking towards our future. The small and large traditions of the Italian American people are innate parts of my family and my life.


Stay tuned for more Meet the Staff blog posts, coming your way soon!

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One Response to Meet NIAF: John Della Fave

  1. Joe Cucchiaro says:

    What part(s) of Italy does your family come from?

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