Scholarship Stories

At the National Italian American Foundation, we believe in supporting future generations of our community, which is why we have provided over $7,860,400 in scholarships and grants since 2009. Every donation to our Foundation helps us to not only protect the history and culture of Italian Americans, but also continue the education of our younger generations.

We’d like to introduce you to Amy Grudier, from Cedarville University, Class of 2017 – and the recipient of our NIAF Lido Civic Club Matching Scholarship, to learn more about the deserving students that we support. 


The experience of applying, interviewing for and winning the scholarship two years in a row has given me a much deeper appreciation of my Italian heritage. My father was the first person in his family to earn a college degree, so the opportunity to be able to do the same is definitely a great privilege. My first two years at Cedarville can be summarized as full of opportunity.

I have had opportunities to interact with incredible people, learn from phenomenal professors, participate in several community service projects with my peers, and grow in my passion for emergency medicine by getting my EMT certification freshman year and Stethoscopevolunteering as an EMT sophomore year. Receiving my EMT training was made possible through the NIAF scholarship, as the additional financial commitment it posed would not have been affordable if not for the NIAF scholarship.

Through the generous support of those in the NIAF, my first two years at Cedarville have been filled with many memorable moments, and the opportunity to grow in my knowledge of and passion for nursing, emergency medicine, and care for people.


For more information on our NIAF Scholarship Programs, click here.

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  1. Good Luck to Amy in her studies.

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