Italy’s Earthquake: A Call to Action

Italian American Relief Fund

To the Italian American community:

On Wednesday morning, August 24, 2016, a large part of central Italy was struck by a devastating earthquake. This tragic disaster has claimed the lives of hundreds of people, and words cannot convey the deep loss that has affected so many of us. Our hearts and prayers are with them and the rescue workers who are frantically trying to save the remaining victims trapped under the rubble.

Please help the National Italian American Foundation, and our partners throughout the Italian American community, to raise funds for our Italian family. To help in ANY amount, please visit

As developments unfold, we will continue to update the above site. We are in contact with local authorities as well as the Embassy of Italy to finalize the details of the relief fund, and as soon as we have any updates, we will share them on our website and social media. Although immediate relief is crucial in the aftermath of the earthquake through organizations such as the Red Cross, it will also take years to rebuild these stricken communities, and all donations we receive will go towards those people in need and returning their lives back to normal.

The generosity of our Italian American community is evident in the donations we have received so far, but we must keep the momentum going. We can do a great deal of good in the coming days and weeks, and we hope you will be a part of this effort.

Please pass this along to as many friends and family as you can and please join in our prayers for our Italian family.

I am, as always,

Yours in Partnership,

John M. Viola

President & COO of The National Italian American Foundation


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1 Response to Italy’s Earthquake: A Call to Action

  1. Gena Rapposelli says:

    As my cousin said,the money must go to the cities affected. If it goes to the government,the cities will never see it! I am sending $ directly to my cousin in Italy.

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