Un Minuto con…

By Rosario Mariani, http://www.europebychoice.com

pupo italiano

Pezzo Novanta

Believe it or not!

In the movie, “The Godfather,” Vito Corleone implied that a “Pezzo Novanta,” was a person who pulled the strings and exerted lots of power – A Big Shot!

Coeleone to his son Michael:

I never wanted this for you…I thought that when it was your time, that you would be the one to hold the strings. Senator Corleone. Governor Corleone. Somethin’.”

Another meaning could have originated when referring to a 90 caliber pistol over a 45 caliber, in order to make certain the fire power was overwhelming.

The meaning I like best is the one I heard on one of my trips to Palermo, when I purchased un “Pupo Siciliano,” (see photo of 45 cm pupo). When the puppeteers were staging a show, they dressed up the puppets to represent either the common folks and soldiers, or the very powerful individuals that everybody feared or respected.

Puppeteers used 45 cm pupi (puppets), but when they introduced the powerful character, puppeteers turned to their assistant and say, “Dammi un Pezzo da Novanta,” (a 90 cm pupo).


Roman Proverb

If you are chasing 2 rabbits, you’ll catch none.

Rosario Mariani is the owner/CEO of Europe By Choice, which promotes travel to Italy and other select European countries. He has more than 40 years of experience in the travel industry, previously serving as Director of Italy Product for Italiatour and Club ABC Tours, and also in other positions with EuroFly, Alitalia and Air France.

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