Marra Forni Pizza Ovens


Marra Forni is not messing around when it comes to the authenticity of your pizza. The Maryland-based Italian oven maker has been bringing the traditional style of Italian Neapolitan Pizza to local markets all over the United States, with its hand-crafted ovens that combine old-world technique with new-world technology.

Marra Forni ovens are made from traditional Italian bricks imported from Italy to give your pizza that true Italian taste. And by no means does the company toss around the term “Neapolitan” falsely.  The owners hail from Naples and the ovens are built by third-generation oven makers, with each oven meeting the highest specification by artisans in Naples.


Major U.S. grocery chain Whole Foods has been using Marra Forni ovens with resounding success in states all over the country, including Texas, California, Florida, Maryland and Virginia. And just this month, Whole Foods opened a new location in Miami, with Marra Forni on hand to celebrate.

Customers were lined up at the store, patiently awaiting the doors to open. And Marra Forni was ready! Even with the large crowd, its ovens maintained a constant flow with a perfectly cooked pizza each and every time. Needless to say, the customers left with happy stomachs and Marra Forni celebrated another successful oven customer.

To learn more about Marra Forni, please visit their website at  and be sure to follow them on Facebook at


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