Vantage Point Capri

Amazing view from Monte Solaro overlooking Capri with Villa Jovis on second highest peak and the Sorrento Pensinsula beyond

Photo Source: Lauren Thayer

By Laura Thayer, travel writer and blogger at

The image of Capri summons up sparkling blue sea, bougainvillea-covered villas and a sense of luxury and style that has captivated travelers, writers and artists from around the world for centuries. Since the days when ancient Greek ships sailed past the rocky shores, this island has been treasured for its enchanting and rare natural beauty.

As one of the top tourist destinations in Campania, however, it can sometimes feel like there’s little of that historic appeal left to discover. Yet it is there, just beyond the bustling Piazzetta and the hum of the Marina Grande harbor.

This escape to Capri visits the island’s two highest points, each offering a unique vantage point on the island’s history. The timeless allure of Capri is still a reality, and just another reason to add it to your Italy travel adventures.…

Travel writer and blogger Laura Thayer says winter isn’t the best time to go to Capri, but it’s the best time to plan your spring trip. To read the entire story, featured in the Winter 2014 issue of NIAF’s Ambassador Magazine, please CLICK HERE

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