Remembering Pino Daniele


Beloved Italian singer-songwriter Pino Daniele, whose guitar skills and vocal abilities influenced such a wide range of musical genres, passed away over the weekend at the age of 59.

Born in Naples, Daniele taught himself how to play the guitar and started off his musical career in the 1970s, as a musician for other singers. In 1977, Daniele went from behind the shadows of other musicians into the spotlight, with his debut album “Terra mia,” a mix of Neapolitan tradition and Blues sounds, defined as “Taramblue.”

Daniele’s songs often dealt with views on social injustice and his undying love for his home city, showcased in one of his most famous songs “Napule  è.” His personal influences included the likes of jazz greats Louis Armstrong and George Benson, which are interwoven into the nearly 25 million studio albums Daniele released during his career.

“I still have his music in my ears,” Prime Minister Matteo Renzi told media outlets. “He had an incredible voice…his guitar playing was precious and he had a rare sensitivity that was tinged with passion and melancholy that will continue to tell the story of our country to the whole world.”

Naples Mayor Luigi de Magistris has declared a day of mourning on the day of Daniele’s funeral, ordering flags on city buildings to be flown at half-mast, according to media reports. Daniele is survived by his wife and five children, as well as countless fans in Italy and around the world.

Relive Daniele’s musical talent with this video from 1983 of the singer performing his hit “Napule  è.”

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