Italy’s New Government, Will it Survive?

At last, Italy has a new government! It took over two months after the country’s inconclusive election, but now Italy is on the road to recovery and ready to tackle its political crisis. The new prime minister, Enrico Letta, was confirmed by both houses of Parliament and he has assembled a talented cabinet which includes seven females and an African-Italian.

The new faces are a welcome change in Italy, but a recent New York Times article explained, “The mere formation of a government is only a start. Italy needs a government credible enough with European leaders to negotiate an easing of austerity and strong enough to enact the difficult structural reforms like strengthening the banking system, making markets more competitive and labor law less rigid, more fairly apportioning taxes and reducing bureaucracy.”

Letta has proposed an interesting and even sometimes conflicting 18-month agenda to pull Italy out of its current crisis. It calls for tax relief, economic reform and electoral and political changes, but many wonder if the newly assembled government will last long enough to even carry out the program. What do you think? Will Letta be able to pull Italy out of its current crisis?

Read more in the New York Times here-


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1 Response to Italy’s New Government, Will it Survive?

  1. Italy will be saved only if the politicians present a budget and explain simple arithmetic of INCOME vs EXPENSES. And be frank and explain what needs to be done. Too many Italians do not pay taxes (mostly because taxes are too high) and the Goverment spends too much money.
    Just in my field I could help them save millions of dollars. But no one cares.

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